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At Bowie State University, we take an interdisciplinary approach to science education by exposing our students to biology, physics, chemistry, computer science and mathematics. This versatile curriculum, coupled with thoughtful guidance from seasoned faculty, produces innovative leaders ready to tackle local and global challenges. Some work toward careers in healthcare and education, while others make advances in innovative research. With a foundation in the natural sciences, you’ll become a critical thinker and a problem solver able to shape the future.

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  • Join other multidisciplinary scientists expected to fill jobs in a dynamic field that integrates biology, computer science and mathematics. Learn more

  • More than just a springboard for a future in medicine, our program delves into the technological, environmental and global implications of biology. Learn more

  • If you dream of using science to make a bold impact, consider a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Learn more
  • Prepare for a future as a science teacher in our high-tech hub for learning and research. Learn more