Bioinformatics Major

Student Learning Outcomes


After completing the program, BSU Bioinformatics graduates will be able to:

  1. Explain how the fundamental concepts in modern biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, apply to biological systems at the cellular and molecular level.
  2. Apply the principles of inheritance and genomics to biological systems.
  3. Interpret biological, medical and “omics dimension” databases by using computational and machine learning tools and
  4. Describe the fundaments of computation at use in modern Bioinformatics
  5. Learn and apply the fundamental laboratory techniques used in modern chemistry, genetics, cell and molecular biology.
  6. Demonstrate fluency in the interpretation and meaningful criticism of contemporary biological, biomedical and bioinformatics research topics as reported in the primary research literature.
  7. Recognize the role of bioinformatics in biotechnology, medicine and pharmaceutical development, and the ethical implications of bioinformatics (and information technology) on society at large
  8. Communicate technical material effectively to lay and scientific audiences