Mission Statements & Program Goals

Department of Natural Sciences

Chair: George Ude

Professors: William Lawrence (Emeritus), Steve Sheffield, George Ude

Associate Professors: Alan Anderson, Eric Bonsu, Mikhail Goloubev, Ray Moharerrzadeh, Anne Osano, Deborah Rayfield, Lucia Santacruz, Sahlemedhin Sertsu, Anne Wiley

Assistant Professors: Tyesha Burks, Kari Debbink, Devyn Gillette, Kondareddy Karnati, Supriyo Ray, and Jacqueline Smith

Lecturers: Claude Ferrer, Zelyn Richberg

CURE Program Manager: Chimdimnma Esimai

Department Mission

The Department of Natural Sciences provides quality education in several Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) degree fields, including Biology, Bioinformatics, Science Education, and Chemistry. The curriculum is designed to equip our graduates with the knowledge, skills and abilities required by the future STEM workforce and postgraduate education. Using high-impact educational practices, such as course-based undergraduate research experiences (CURE), the department programs provide opportunities for hands-on research for students from freshman to senior year.

Department Goals

  1. To provide a quality education in each of the degree program areas within the Department, such that the students are prepared and equipped to meet the challenges of an increasingly technological society and changing global economy.
  2. To provide students an environment that encourages and fosters the ethics, attitudes, and discipline essential to professional growth.
  3. To promote academic excellence through careful advising, mentoring, and tutoring activities, in collaboration with coordinated efforts across the University for improved student outcomes.
  4. To create and foster a vibrant research environment within the Department, through expanding research capacity among the faculty, and engaging students in hands-on research experiences. 
  5. To prepare students for postgraduate education or careers in STEM fields, in government, in industry, or in education.
  6. To maintain strong collaboration with regional and national private and government institutions, in support of the Department’s educational and research goals.
  7. To maintain the viability of our programs through systematic and continuous assessment, and enhancement.