Starfish for SSC Tutorial Services

What Is Starfish?

Starfish is BSU’s Early Alert, student-success technology that will help you maintain good communication with your instructors, academic advisor, and other faculty and staff to support your academic success. The Student Success Center, uses Starfish in two different ways:

  • 1) Starfish EARLY ALERT-Your course instructors use Starfish to give you feedback about your academic performance by raising flags, kudos, and referrals. If you have a Starfish flag, kudos or referral raised you will receive an email alerting you of appropriate next steps to take. The SSC Tutoring Coordinator will monitor these items to provide outreach to you:

    • Flags will let you know that you may need additional support in the class (your advisor and/or retention coordinator may reach out to follow up on flags raised).
    • Kudos are raised to congratulate you on your academic success. SSC Tutorial Services uses kudos to mark improved progress in a course and as a recommendation by your professor to become a SSC Tutor/Supplemental Instruction Leader.
    • Referrals are intended to help you connect to a helpful campus resource, such as SSC Tutorial Services, Math Lab, Writing Center, or Smarthinking.

    Starfish flags, kudos, and referrals are simply notifications that may be sent at any time throughout the semester but are strategically issued by the Tutoring Center in Week 4 and Week 11 of the semester. They do not indicate grades and are not permanent records. If you receive a flag or a referral, you are strongly encouraged to take action early and speak with the people in your success network (e.g. your course instructor, advisor) and to connect with campus resources that can support you.

  • 2) Starfish CONNECT- Many faculty and staff at the University use Starfish for appointment scheduling. This is often an easy way for you to schedule a meeting with those in your Starfish success network. SSC Tutorial Services uses Starfish to schedule appointments for tutoring and SI Sessions.

    The resources below will assist you in navigating through the Starfish platform. Click on the relative topic to learn more about different Starfish components and for helpful how-to guides.

Visit our Academic Computing and Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning for Online Sessions on Blackboard and Starfish Training for additional resources>link