Tutoring Services

Tutoring services through the Student Success Center is designed to promote confident learners through review of what students have learned in class, helping students to study the course material, and providing students with academic support for the improvement in academic success, retention and graduation.

Student Success Center

The student success center is being renovated on the second floor of the library. Until the space is renovated, the SSC is offering the following services:

  • Smarthinking is an online tutoring system you can access within Blackboard. The Smarthinking platform allows you to have someone review your writing, connect with an online tutor, submit a question, or schedule a session with a live tutor.

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  • Departmental Tutoring is facilitated by Student Success Center tutors. These tutors come highly recommended by the department and provide one-on-one tutoring for students in need of specific course support.

  • These workshops are designed to help students develop as self-confident and efficient learners by introducing new study skills and strategies they can apply to their study routine.
  • Embedded tutoring is a form of Supplemental Instruction – a tutor works in the classroom under the instructor's guidance to help students understand course concepts and enhance student engagement
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a voluntary (possibly incentivized) peer-facilitated review program that supports specific challenging undergraduate courses. Each supported section has its own SI Leader - a peer who has taken the class before, and been successful in it. Supplemental Instruction Leaders conduct group tutoring sessions outside of the class on a rotating schedule in Library Instruction Room 1130.

What is Tutoring?

  • Facilitated by a trained, faculty-recommended tutor
  • Available in several 100- and 200- level courses
  • Facilitated in one-on-one sessions or in small groups
  • Free to BSU students as part of your tuition!
  • Student Success Center tutoring is offered in-person or online, at a times between 8am and 9pm Monday through Sunday, depending on tutor availability.

Courses We Support

  • Psychology (PSY): 101
  • Management (MGMT): 101
  • Marketing (MKTG): 231
  • Finance (FINA): 222, 320
  • Accounting (ACCT): 211, 212
  • Economics (ECON): 212, 321, 351
  • Business (BUIS): 101, 260
  • English (ENGL): 361
  • Computer Science (COSC): 112

Class Not Listed Above?

Here are some other resources available to you:

What Can a Student Expect?

  • AAC tutoring sessions are one hour long
  • Please show up for all scheduled sessions or cancel at least six hours in advance.
  • Students who fail to show to their scheduled sessions may lose the ability to schedule future appointments.

To get the most out of your session, show up on time with course materials, ask questions, and participate fully in your session by engaging in dialogue with your tutor and peers.

  • SSC Tutors are BSU students, too. Their goal is to support you in better understanding the course material by providing insights, additional examples, and strategies for studying the material.
  • SSC Tutors are not permitted to assist with any work that will be turned in for a grade. They can help you review concepts or go over assignments that have already been graded.
  • You are still expected to go to class and take notes. Tutoring is a great supplement for the experiences you have in the classroom and while studying on your own.

Schedule Tutoring

NOTE: Tutoring is contingent upon available tutors and sessions. If you don't see a time that works for your availability, please let us know!

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