Federal College Work Study Positions

The Federal Work Study (FWS)  program is a need-based financial aid program that is funded by the federal government. This program allows students with financial need to earn FWS funds through employment.

It provides students with valuable opportunities to work and to use the income earned to assist with their education bills. The FWS program at Bowie State University is managed by the Office of Financial Aid.

To be eligible for the FWS program students must be enrolled for a minimum of six credits and be registered in a degree seeking program. All employment positions for the FWS program are located on the BSU campus and students are allowed to work up to twenty (20) hours per week.

Students interested in a Work Study opportunity are to meet with The Office of Financial Aid to first determine eligibility. Once this is established the student will be provided with the access required to apply for a position, after which the student must schedule a meeting with the worksite to determine mutual interest and fit for the position.

Students are cautioned not to begin work until they are contacted by Human Resources with an employment contract.

Please review the positions by clicking on the offices listed, then submit your application via the application link for any positions you are interested in.  You must submit a separate application for each position. Your application will be sent to the hiring supervisor who will contact you with additional information regarding the hiring process.   

Student Assistant Positions

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