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All university offices have resumed in-person operations. Students, faculty & staff must be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption to return to campus in the fall.


Frequently Asked Questions


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Hybrid Ceremony

How can I view the professional photos from the ceremony?

PhotoMagicMedia® is proud to be the official photographer for the commencement ceremony. You can view your photo proofs by searching for your images by CLICKING HERE. All emails regarding your photographs will come directly from PhotoMagicMedia®. If you have additional questions, email or call 706-431-8145.

I missed the virtual rehearsal. Is there a recording that I can watch?
Yes, You can watch the rehearsal here.

What time should I arrive?
Gradates should arrive between 7:30 - 9:30am and should be seated at Bulldog Stadium by 9:30am sharp.

Can I drive separately?
Unfortunately, no. To accommodate all 600 graduates and their families, the limit is 1 vehicle per graduate.

I received special permission to have 2 vehicles OR I live on campus and my family will arrive without me. What do I do?
If you received special permission, your family will need a copy of your QR code.

Can I have more than 4 guests in my car? Do toddlers and babies count as guests?
We are asking that graduates to arrive in a vehicle that can fit in a standard parking spot. All guests should be able to sit comfortably and legally in the vehicle.

I am vaccinated. Do I still have to get tested?
Yes. You must be tested up to 48 hours before the ceremony.

Does my family have to be tested?

Can I get tested at BSU?
Yes. Graduates must obtain a negative COVID-19 test result within 2 days of visiting campus. COVID tests can be conducted at BSU or an off-campus lab. Please upload COVID test results to the Student Patient Portal to obtain a green badge for clearance to enter campus on commencement day.

I received a rapid COVID-19 test. If my badge is still yellow or red when I arrive, can I still participate in the ceremony?
We will have rapid testing on-site, but we strongly encourage grads to get tested before they arrive to ensure a smooth and efficient check-in process.

I registered for the ceremony, but my QR code isn't showing up.
If you registered and cannot access your QR code, please email

Some images may not display based on your individual security settings. You can either try to (1) right-click to download the QR code image (2) select "Display All Images" in your email platform (3) forward this email to your personal account such as Gmail or Yahoo.

We also recommend you take a screenshot/photo of this QR code and save it to your favorites on your phone for quicker access on Friday.

Can we take photos on campus before and after the ceremony?
Unfortunately no, however there will be a location for you to take photo with your device at Bulldog Stadium. On Saturday, May 22, the campus will be open to graduates and their personal photographers who would like to take photos.

Can I wear heels?
We strongly discourage heels, as they will get stuck in the artificial turf and cause graduates to trip. Flats, platforms or block heels are recommended.


Application Process

I missed the graduation application deadline. Will I have a diploma on graduation day?
The Office of the Registrar cannot guarantee arrival of the diploma if the graduation application was submitted after the application deadline date.

My name has changed. Is it too late to have it reflected on my diploma?
If you request a name change more than 7 days after the graduation application deadline, you will be required to complete a Replacement Diploma Form and pay a fee. You also will be required to submit to the Office of the Registrar official documentation to support the change of name.

If I don’t plan to attend the ceremony, do I have to apply for graduation?
Yes. All students whether planning to participate in the ceremony or not have to apply and pay all fees to be academically reviewed and cleared by the Office of the Registrar.

Can I be cleared for graduation if I have an outstanding balance?
No. To be eligible for graduation, all fees – including the graduation fee, student accounts, parking, and library fines – must be paid.

If I do not complete my degree requirements, will my name automatically roll over to the graduation list for the next semester?
No. You must reapply for graduation; however, you will not be required to pay an additional graduation fee.

How will I know that I have met ALL degree and financial requirements for graduation?
Check Bulldog Connection to make sure that you do not have any Negative Service Indicators. If you do, click on the indicator for additional instructions. Also make sure that you have received all of your grades. If a grade has not been posted more than 72 hours after your final exam or if you have grades of “NG” or “I,” contact your instructor. You are not eligible for graduation with grades of “F”, “NG” or “I” or “D” in a major requirement.


Cap & Gown

How do I order my academic regalia, rings, &c.?

uestion: How do I know that I have been cleared for graduation and can pick up my academic regalia?
Your graduation status will say APPROVED on Bulldog Connection once you have been cleared. Regalia will be shipped to your home if you choose to order it. Regalia is not required to participate in the virtual ceremony.

I haven’t ordered my regalia. Can I still participate in the graduation ceremony?
Regalia will be shipped to your home if you choose to order it. Regalia is not required to participate in the virtual ceremony.

I am a transfer student with 59 Bowie credits. Will I be eligible for Latin Honors?
You need 60 or more Bowie State credits to be considered for Latin Honors. However, a transfer student who has earned 30-59 semester hours at Bowie State University and has a GPA of 3.5 or above will graduate with Academic Recognition.

When will I receive my Honors cord?
Honor cords will be distributed on the morning of graduation at check-in with your name cards.