COVID-19 Updates

Remote/online classes will continue through end of spring semester. Residential move-out suspended due to stay-at-home orders.



A copy of your immunization record is required to be on file at the Henry Wise Wellness Center. 

MMR (1) and MMR (2) are required upon admission into the University. Current negative PPD within one year is required for international students. Those with a positive PPD skin test (current or a history of) must have a chest X-ray that is less than five years old and must forward a copy of the official chest X-ray report. We do not read films. All reports must be in English.

Meningococcal vaccination is required for all students living in residence halls.

Health holds are placed on student records without required immunization documentation, prohibiting registration until complete.

Strongly Recommended immunizations: Tetanus booster with the last five years, Hepatitis B vaccination series (three doses), and Varicella vaccination.

The flu vaccine is available (early October) at the Henry Wise Wellness Center and in local clinics.

Printable versions of the Entrance Medical History and Immunization Record form are available on the Printable Forms page.