Off-Campus Housing Resources

Looking for local rental properties?

Off-Campus Housing 101* is a web service that lists available housing in the surrounding area, is complete with pictures, descriptions of the properties, rental rates, and a way to contact the landlords before signing a lease – and, has the added feature of Roommate Finder.

If you are looking to cut housing costs or live with a fellow college student, then Off-Campus Housing 101’s Roommate Finder may be for you. You can find available roommates and even enter specific search criteria – such as gender, age, and the time they wake up. You can also sign yourself up, so that folks searching for a match to their housing preferences can find you.

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Other Rental Property Links

Click on these links for more off campus housing options and resources:

 *Disclaimer: Off-Campus Housing 101 is offered as a courtesy to Bowie State University students looking for housing options. Bowie State University does not endorse or assume any responsibility in connection with any rental agreement or services provided by real estate agencies or private landlords. The listing of rental units on this site is a service to local rental property owners and to Bowie State University students. Rental property owners are solely responsible for reporting information fairly and accurately. Bowie State University expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for the quality, safety or features of the properties, or any problems that may arise in connection with use of the service or disputes between landlords and tenants. All prospective tenants are strongly advised to thoroughly inspect any properties or accommodations before finalizing arrangements and to assure that all agreements are put in writing.