Academic Regulations and Requirements

Standards of Work Required

All students at Bowie State University must demonstrate that they are making satisfactory academic progress in accordance with University policy. Satisfactory academic progress is determined solely on the basis of grade point average. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 is considered satisfactory.

Academic Performance

A student whose cumulative grade point average is at least 2.0 will be considered as making satisfactory academic progress.

Students whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0 at the end of any semester will be placed on academic probation and notified, in writing, to seek counseling and guidance from the Academic Advisement Center.

Withdrawal from the University

Official withdrawal from the University after classes begin and before the end of the semester requires that the student complete an Application for Withdrawal and file it with the dean of the school that houses his/her major. Veteran students should consult the veteran's program assistant for special regulations.

Failure to officially withdraw from the University will result in grades of "F" for the courses in which the student is enrolled. Students withdrawing from the University after the last day to drop a course may request to receive the grade of "W" (withdrawal).


After Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from the University and wish to return must:

  1. Complete a Re-admission Application and submit to the Office of Admissions;
  2. Submit official transcripts from institutions attended while separated from the University; and
  3. Receive an acceptance letter from the University.

After Social Suspension

Students who are dismissed as a result of social suspension can apply for re-admission at the end of the suspension period by forwarding a letter to the judicial affairs officer, requesting re-admission. The dean of student affairs will determine whether or not the suspension must remain in effect for a longer time (refer to student handbook).