Shred Day FAQs

If your question is not listed here, you may contact the Sustainability & Energy Coordinator, Jabari Walker at

  1. What items can I shred?
    This is a paper shred event, therefore only paper documents and items should be shredded.

    The following items are allowed:

    • paper
    • manila folders
    • magazines
    • scheduled docs
    • newspaper

      The following items are NOT allowed:
    • CD’s
    • combustibles
    • transparencies
    • batteries
    • flammables
    • metal
    • hanging file folders
    • 3-ring binders
    • plastic
    • trash
  2. Who helps with the shredding?
    Each department/office is responsible for bringing their own materials to the truck.  Therefore, please coordinate with staff in your area.  BSU staff and movers are not available to assist.  If your department has at least 25+ (bankers) boxes worth of material and limited office assistance, please email Jabari Walker no later than Monday, June 24 to set a reservation for support. 
  3. What happens to the paper we bring to the truck?
    The company will load paper material into bins which are transported onto the truck’s shredder which shreds the paper in the body of the truck. 
  4. What do we do with the leftover cardboard boxes?
    Cardboard boxes can be left by the truck for Facilities Management to recycle.  If you want to keep or re-use boxes, please have your own method for taking them back to your area.  BSU staff are not available.
  5. Are there bins available in my building?
  6. Can a binder be shredded or must I remove the paper from the binder first?
     Hard plastic traditional binders are not on the approved shred materials list. See first question above.
  7. Can I bring personal items from home for shredding?
    It is not recommended for this event since we need the space for work related documents.
  8. Do I have a designated area (between Henry Circle or JEP) where I have to bring my shred material?
    No.  There is no assigned area.  Just make sure you are able to bring the boxes to whichever location you choose.  Keep in mind that the truck is not obligated to wait past the set time for that respective location.
  9. Where can I find a Disposal Schedule for my department?
    The disposal schedule can be found on the Shred Day Documents page
  10. Where can I find the Certificate of Destruction form to complete?
    The certificate of destruction schedule can be found on the Shred Day Documents page.
  11. Can we type on the online Certificate of Destruction?
  12. Do we have to use the Certificate of Destruction form for all documents?
    No. The Certificate of Destruction form should be used only for work-related documents where a record is required to be kept.  Your own office files that do not require records retention do not have to be listed.
  13. What do I do with the completed Certificate of Destruction form/s?
    Please scan and send to
  14. What should I do if I have a record to shred but it is not on the schedule?
    Contact the University Records Retention Manager at 301-860-4464 or email (preferable)  for additional information and or instructions.
  15. What should I do if I see documents that belong to another department on my schedule?
    Due to the nature of our work at the university, documents are not limited to one department and or schedule.
  16. Why must we follow the Disposal Schedule? As a state agency we must be in compliance with the state rules and regulations governing disposal and retention of documents.
  17. Are departments required to maintain shred certifcates in their office?
    Official Certificates of Destruction are maintained according to USM Policy with the University Records Retention Manager.
  18. If there are items that are in duplicates, must we list them separately?
    No, duplicate items can be listed one time on the Certificate of Disposal; however it should be noted that duplicates were disposed of under the Description of Records Section/Column.
  19. Is it okay to shred miscellaneous office items not on the schedule?
    Yes. For clarity please check your disposal schedule first. If needed, you may also contact the University Records Retention Manager for additional information and/or instructions.
  20. Can we include magazines, pamphlets, brochures?
    Yes, as long as it is all paper.
  21. If I am not in the office on the shredding day, what should I do?
    Please coordinate in advance with your administrative personnel or colleagues in your area to take care of the shredding for you.
  22. What is the date of the next Shred Day event following this event?
    Following our June 2024 event, the next shredding event is not yet planned.