Fine Arts Major

Music Technology Concentration

The Music Technology Concentration (MUTE) is designed to provide a structured and comprehensive education as it applies to the arts and music. The use of appropriate software and hardware packages is employed which meet professional and industry standards. It covers essentials such as computer arranging and composition, computer notation and sequencing, multimedia production, and recording.

Students are required to take music theory and history to develop a broad background in the understanding of music styles and genres. All must complete a course directed at the business of music to gain understanding of legal aspects employed in live and electronic music. A senior project is required to complete the concentration. In addition to the 27 credit hours of the MUTE, students must successfully complete 93 credit hours of general education and fine art requirements.

Students can also have a minor in MUTE, which provides 19 credit hours of preparation. The senior project is part of the minor.

The curriculum objectives are:

  1. Explore the physical properties of analog and digital sound, mixing and recording hardware, and the history of electronic music.
  2. Develop knowledge of the use of Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) techniques. Learn how to sequence with workstations and computers.
  3. Develop knowledge of the fundamentals of musical composition and arranging for commercial song and jingle writing for all types of musical ensembles.
  4. Develop skills to interface with multimedia projects, PowerPoint presentations, website applications, and animation.
  5. Gain knowledge and understanding of various recording media (CD, HD, DVD, Mini Disk), microphone, and sound mixers for live and recording concepts.
  6. Gain knowledge of the aspects of the business of the music industry including, contracts, management, copyright, Internet, and other electronic media.