Fine Arts Major

Music Concentration

Students majoring in Fine Arts may select music as an area of concentration. An audition before a faculty member is required of all Fine Arts majors wishing to concentrate in music.  A theory placement examination is required of all incoming students. This evaluation is to determine the level at which a student must begin in the theory sequence. Students must complete the equivalent of four semesters of ensemble and applied music (instrumental, piano, and/or vocal participation). Students are required to participate in an ensemble each semester they are enrolled at BSU. (Note: Only 8 credits may be applied to the concentration.)  Students in vocal concentration are required to take MUSC 301 and 304 (Diction and Vocal Literature).  Four credits of music electives may be used for this purpose.


A student must demonstrate standard proficiencies in musicianship and piano. Each student must pass periodic performance evaluations.  Specific requirements include: 

  1. Basic scale in three octaves (studied during that semester)
  2. Basic chord progressions
  3. Two prepared pieces
  4. Traditional arrangements of the "The Star Spangled Banner" and "Lift Every Voice and Sing" 


Each student will be required to perform a recital at the end of their senior year, and as a final project. The following prerequisites must be satisfied or accomplished prior to all recitals:

  1. Recommendation by the student's advisor
  2. A grade of "B" or better in all performance-related courses
  3. Performance in at least one student seminar per semester prior to junior recital. Students must register for seminar each semester 
  4. Satisfactory rating in all performance evaluations
  5. Recital repertoire will be chosen by the instructor from music studied in applied lessons at Bowie State University
  6. Students preparing for the senior recital will be expected to perform excerpts of the program before a committee of music faculty members 30 (thirty) days prior to the scheduled recital date
  7. Recitals are to be at least 45 minutes in length with intermission; repertoire must be memorized


Juries will be held at the end of each semester to measure progress in applied lessons.  Preparation for juries should include the following:

  1. Three prepared pieces in contrasting styles    

The objectives are: 

  1. To offer students with a variety of practical experiences in performing groups and other environments; 
  2. To provide multicultural experiences that will facilitate effective interaction in diverse environments; and 
  3. To provide experiences in the latest technology in music.