Theatre Arts Major

Theater Arts Tracks

The Theatre Arts program at Bowie State University offers the Bachelor of Science degree, with a choice of tracks in Acting/Directing or Dance Movement; for non-majors, the program offers a minor in theatre arts or dance. 


The program includes continuous assessment and evaluation throughout a student's matriculation, beginning with an audition at the onset of the freshman year and ending with a capstone seminar course that requires the submission of a cumulative portfolio. A mid-point evaluation of potential success in the program is also included and usually occurs when approximately sixty credits are acquired. Taking advantage of the University's location and the abundance of community and professional theatre in surrounding areas, the faculty encourages students to participate in off-campus as well as on-campus auditions, productions and applied theatre. Doing so is developing their personal visions of theatre and dance as dynamic and diverse cultural elements of any society.

Review the program requirements for students pursuing a degree in Theather Arts.

Acting/Directing Track

The program is designed to offer historical, theoretical and experiential studies in acting, directing, stagecraft, dance, children's theatre, and the fundamentals of theatre research and scholarship.

Theatre Arts - Acting/Directing Track Core Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog

Dance/Movement Track

Students will learn, rehearse and perform in a series of courses that teach proper dance technique and performance skills.

Theatre Arts - Dance/Movement Track Core Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog