Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts Major


Faculty research and creative endeavors center on the interdisciplinary aspects of the arts, design, visual communication and technology. With continuing commitment to innovative activities, the faculty have achieved laudable success in both national and international forums of exhibitions, screenings and publications.

The perspective gained from this high level of engagement provides the diverse faculty and professional associate staff with an informed and unique pedagogical vision. The department incorporates this astute awareness of contemporary art/design and media practice, theoretical discourse, and in-depth knowledge of evolving technologies into an educational process, which is designed to enable students to achieve the successful realization of their creative projects and artistic goals.


Ogechi Cheike, Assistant Professor, VCDMA
Ph: (301) 860-3771 FPAC RM 2120
Advertising Design, Digital Media, Visual Communication, Film/Video Editing, Animation and Motion Graphics

Danielle Brown, Assistant Professor, VCDMA
Ph: (301) 860-3717 FPAC RM 2160
Fashion Design, Flat Pattern, CAD for Fashion, Fashion History, Sewing, Draping, Portfolio, Costume Design, Internships, Senior Thesis Exhibition

Tewodross Melchishua Williams, Associate Professor, Program Coordinator and Internship Advisor, VCDMA
Ph: (301) 860-3751 RM 2124A
2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Filmmaking, Compositing, Video Art, Projection Design, Design, Hip-Hop Studies, Internships, Portfolio, Senior Thesis Exhibition

Adjunct Faculty

Bob Bartlett, Screenwriting, Theatrical Production, History of Animation

Karla Bussey, Motion Graphics, Animation, Design

Maggy Francois, Self-Promotion and Marketing in the Arts, Fashion Design, Wardrobe (Television & Film), Events, Marketing, Casting, Internships, Styling

Amina Hammond, Web Design, Design, Animation, Motion Graphics, App Design, Interactive, New Media, UX

Kevin Holder, Design, Painting, Computer Graphics, Digital Art

Prince Ikegwuono, 2D, 3D Animation, Stop-Motion, Drawing, Painting, Interaction Design, Game Design, Web Design, VR, UX/UI, Multimedia, Immersive Media

Christine Marsh,  Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, Film/Video Production, AR, VR, XR, Integrated Marketing, Immersive Media

Al Reynolds, Self-Promotion and Marketing in the Arts, Branding, Television, Entertainment

MC Sha-Rock, Resident Hip-Hop Pioneer, MC and Historian, Visual Culture and Hip-Hop Studies

Myron Smith, Design History, Design, Industrial Design

John Stephan, 3D Animation & Modeling, 3D Printing

Angelique Michelle Stubbs, Fashion Design, Costume Design, Wardrobe (Television & Film) Styling

Doreen Vernon, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Design, Fashion History, Design

Rodney C. Williams, Design,  Branding, Portfolio, Exhibition Design, Package Design, Internships, Marketing

Dr. Sherelle Williams, African American Cinema, Film/Video Production, Media Studies, Mass Communications

Tiffany Yancey, Screenwriting, Producing, and Acting


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