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Writing and Interviewing Coaches in the College of Business

Writing and Interviewing Coaching for Students in the College of Business

As a writing and interviewing coach you will promote student success by empowering students with the necessary tools to acquire and complete high-quality internships in for-profit and non-profit businesses, government agencies, and other entities, while producing outstanding business interns in the BSU College of Business.

As a Writing and Interviewing Coach in the COB, your primary responsibility, along with the student, will be to review student resumes, cover letters, writing samples and related application documents if applicable.

Students, prior to meeting with a writing and interviewing coach, must have prepared and uploaded a resume, and/or cover letter, and/or writing sample to be reviewed, if required.

  • Persons interested in becoming a writing and interviewing coach in the COB, please FIRST complete an application Writing and Interviewing Coach Application.(for Coaches)
  • If you have an interest in providing other career opportunities for students i.e, shadowing, case studies, workshops, competitions, etc. please email Remi Duyile, Student Engagement & Internship Coordinator in the College of Business.

If you have questions or comments email Remi Duyile, Student Engagement & Internship Coordinator.

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