COVID-19 Updates

BSU is open. An initial plan to return to campus in the fall 2020 semester is now available.

Department of Management Information Systems

What You'll Learn


The MIS program prepares professionals for the challenges associated with managing information technology in business. Focus areas include enterprise information technology systems, data analytics, IT system project management, cybersecurity and information assurance, blockchain, IT entrepreneurship and health informatics.

Students will:

  • Utilize state-of-the-art modeling technology to build business processes models, data models, information models and system architectures.
  • Explore the vulnerability, threat and risk identification of IT systems.
  • Identify business opportunities and innovative solutions using emerging information technologies.
  • Understand the process of auditing IT systems.
  • Meet compliance requirements for data and communication privacy.
  • Develop IT system projects and outcomes.
  • Manage data and data analytics products and services.