Department of Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Q: How do I sign-up for the Student Listserv?

A: Upon admission into the program you will receive a listserv form. If you do not have one please email Ms. Johnson at:

Q: Who is my advisor?

A: Once you are admitted into the program you will be assigned an advisor. If you are not aware you can email Ms. Johnson at: or Dr. Cox at:

Q: How many PDA hours do I need to complete for each course?

A: Students are required to complete five (5) hours of professional development activities (PDA) in the community for each 3-credit hour course.

Q: When and how do I submit for Advancement to Candidacy?

A: At the completion of 12-18 credit hours in the program, candidates are required to submit an application for Advancement to Candidacy. The Counseling Faculty at this point reviews each application. If candidates have a 3.25 grade point average and are recommended by at least two members of the full-time faculty based on the student’s disposition, they are advanced to candidacy in the degree program.

Q: How am I informed I have advanced?

A: You will see on your transcript the following semester if you have advanced. If you do not advance you will be notified by your advisor.

Q: What is the comprehensive/CPCE exam?

A: Students are required to pass the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) as part of the program’s comprehensive exam. The CPCE consist of the eight CACREP Common Core areas. The pass score is determined each semester by the CPCE’s national mean minus one standard deviation. Students must register for the CPCE (MHCO 799), which is offered during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. After completing Levels, I, II, & III courses (27-30 credits) and Advancement to Candidacy, students are eligible to register. After passing the CPCE, students are then eligible to take MHCO 861 and MHCO 806. Students who do not pass the CPCE after two attempts will be dismissed from the program. Those who require special accommodations must contact Dr. Hughes in Disability Services.

Q: What courses do I need to complete before registering for the Comprehensive Exam?

A: Students need to complete EDUC 507, MHCO 671, COUN 633, COUN 734, COUN 608, COUN 780, COUN 706, COUN 731, and COUN 610.

Q: When should I start looking for a practicum/ internship site?

A: Students should start looking for a site at least 1 year in advance. Once students attend the practicum/ internship orientation they can request the list of sites that are approved.

Q: How long does it take to get my practicum/ internship site approved?

A: If the site is not already approved on the Department’s listing, students should expect 2-3 months for a site to be approved. Sites must be approved before a student can begin practicum or internship.

Q: When are practicum/ internship orientation?

A: Practicum/ internship orientations are held at least once a semester.

Q: Can I take practicum and internship at the same time?

A: Students are not able to take both classes at the same time.

Q: How many hours are needed for practicum?

A: The first required clinical course is MHCO 836 Practicum in Mental Health Counseling which consists of 200 hours at a field placement site. While at the site, students must spend a minimum of 40% of their time in direct contact with clients/patients.

Q: How many hours are needed for internship?

A: The first internship is MHCO 858 Internship I in Mental Health Counseling which consists of 400 hours at their internship site. A minimum of 40% of their time must be in direct contact with their clients/patients. The last clinical rotation is COUN 806 Internship II in Mental Health Counseling which is also 400 hours long, 40% of which is in direct client/patient contact and exposes interns to more intense clinical learning experiences.