Department of Educational Studies & Leadership

The Department of Educational Studies & Leadership offers the Master of Education in School Administration and Supervision, and Administrative I Certification Program and the Doctor of Education in education leadership.

These programs are designed to produce competent and caring educators who become skillful and reflective educational leaders in the schools and communities they serve. Opportunities are provided for candidates to clarify their personal values and goals and develop a dynamic philosophy of education. Candidates develop positive attitudes about lifelong learning and demonstrate an appreciation for the ethical and legal professional responsibilities of an educational leader. Through its course offerings, the department promotes a respect for the diversity of learners and instills in its candidates the desire to develop all learners to their maximum potential.

Our mission is consistent with that of the University and is driven by the conceptual framework of the College of Education, which emphasizes five key areas:

  1. knowledge of subject matter;
  2. knowledge of effective pedagogy;
  3. knowledge of students and society;
  4. field-based experiences; and,
  5. professional dispositions.

Thus, the aspirations of faculty are to produce graduates who are leaders  in a global community, think critically, value academics, and are committed to serving diverse student populations. To these ends, our goal is to prepare competent and caring educational leaders for a diverse world.

The Department of Educational Leadership is committed to: (1) providing graduate learning environments that afford candidates the opportunity to observe, study, and interact meaningfully with practicing specialists in educational arenas; and (2) exposing candidates to unique experiences for cultural, political, social, and economic exchanges to educate them to the realities of leading educational institutions in the 21st century. The department specifically prepares its candidates to assume educational leadership responsibilities in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade settings. The programs lead to state certification as local school principals, instructional supervisors, curriculum developers, school superintendents, and researchers.

For inquiries and further information, please contact:

Department Chair: Dr. Renee A. Foose
(p) 301.860.3125

Program Director: Dr. Ann Hilliard
(p) 301.860.3153

Administrative Assistant to the Chair:  Mrs. Frances Thorn
(p) 301-860-3246

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