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Dr. Jacquelyn Sweeney is the graduate reading coordinator and an associate professor in Teaching, Learning and Professional Development within Bowie State University’s College of Education. Dr. Sweeney’s interests and research focuses on preparing inservice and preservice teachers for literacy instruction within diverse classrooms. Dr. Sweeney has taught in K-12 and Higher Education institutions within Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, California, and Arizona.

  • Ph.D. Curriculum, Teaching & Policy: Reading Focus, Michigan State University (2012)
    Dissertation Title: Veteran Teachers Working in Diverse Communities: Noticing Students, Families and Communities.
  • M.S. Curriclum & Instruction: Technology Focus, Purdue-Calument
  • B.A. Social Science & Language Arts: Teacher Certification K-8 and 9 (Communications), University of Michigan-Flint

Selected Publications/Creative Works

  • Edwards, P.A. & Sweeney, J.S. (2022). (in preparation). Social Justice and Equity:Impact on Home, School, and Community Partnerships. In the Seventh Edition of Best Practice in Literacy Instruction. Editors: Ernest Morrell, Lesley Morrow, and Heather Casey.
  • Sweeney, J. S. & Damrow, A.L. (2022). (in preparation) ‘You catch yourself thinking these things’: Fostering preservice teachers’ diversity dialogue through telecollaboration tools. Journal of Technology & Teacher Education (Targeted Journal).
  • Damrow, A. L., & Sweeney, J. S. (2019). Beyond the bubble: Preparing preservice teachers through dialogue across distance and difference. Teaching and Teacher Education, 80, 255-265.
  • McGuire, M. (2019). “How Can I Say This So You Will Stay?” A play inspired by the research of Sweeney, J. & Damrow, A. Presented at the Kennedy Center Page to Stage (Sept 2, 2019) and the BSU Fine and Performing Arts Center (Sept. 3, 2019).
  • Edwards, P., Paratore, J., & Sweeney, J. (2014). Working with parents and the community. In the Adminstration & Supervision of Reading Programs, 5th Edition. Editors Shelley Wepner, Dorothy Stickland, & Diana Quatroche.
  • Li, G., Sweeney, J., Protacio, S. & Ponnan, M. (2013). A Team Training Approach to Professional Development: Perceptions and Practices of In-service Teachers of ELLs in Two Urban High Schools for inclusion in the volume, “Professional Development: Perspectives, Strategies, and Practices.” Book chapter accepted. Nova Publishers.

Selected Presentations

  • Damrow, A., & Sweeney, J. (2019). Building relationships, strengthening professional learning, and inspiring a play: A story of peer-to-peer dialogue across institutional boundaries. Ethnography in Education Research Forum. Penn Ethnography Forum.
  • Sweeney , J. (2017). Teachers’ Religious Ideologies and Classroom Equity. SIG Religion and Education Paper Session. AERA San Antonio, TX.
  • Sweeney , J., Garin, E., & Clayborne, P. (2017). Sustained Professional Development: Scholar Circle Collaboration toward Equity. Division K Paper Session. AERA Conference. San Antonio, TX.
  • Damrow, A., & Sweeney , J. (2017). Focus on Equity: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers through Dialogue across Distance and Difference. Division K Paper Session. AERA Conference. San Antonio, TX.
  • Sweeney, J. & Damrow, A (2017). Employing Distance Media Tools to Facilitate Diversity Dialogue. The Learner Conference. Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Damrow, A. & Sweeney, J. (2017). Learning to Engage Real People in all their Diversity: Dialogue Among Pre-service Teachers. The Learner Conference, Honolulu, HI
  • Sweeney, J. & Garin, E. (2016). Involving PDS Teachers: Strengthening Writing through Culturally Responsive Practices. National Association for Professional Development Schools. Washington, DC.
  • Sweeney, J. (2015) The Cultural Fabric of Five: How life stories influence teacher noticing. AERA. Div. K: Teacher and Teacher Education. Chicago, IL.
  • Sweeney, J. (2015). Shades of Noticing: Unpacking Teachers’ Attention in Diverse Classrooms. Association of Teacher Educators (ATE). Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Peter Parker

Peter ParkerDr. Peter Parker is an assistant professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Professional Development in Bowie State University’s College of Education. Dr. Parker’s interests and research focuses on literacy instruction across diverse language groups, sociocultural influences on learning, reading comprehension, and program evaluation. Dr. Parker has taught in K-12 and Higher Education institutions within Illinois, New Hampshire, Japan, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates.

  • Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary Education, Division of Language and Literacy Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2009).
    Dissertation title: Examining the comprehension strategies of Chinese and English readers: A study of bilingual and monolingual first, second and third grade elementary school students                                 
  • A. Teaching English as a Second Language, Division of English as an International Language, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1998).
  • S. Management, University of New Haven (1988)

Recent Publications

  • Parker, P. (2021, under review). Perception and reality: Arabic EFL students’ academic writing. Journal of Second Language Writing.
  • Parker, P. (2021, Fall). Addressing plagiarism: Experiences from an ESL program. Maryland TESOL Quarterly, 4, 9-18.

Recent Presentations

  • Parker, P. (2021, December). Reading miscues and the linguistic influences of the writing system: A cross-linguistic study. Paper to be presented at the annual meeting for the Literacy Research Association (LRA). Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Parker, P. (2021, November). What Teachers Should know About Arabic ESL Students’ Grammatical Errors. Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the Maryland Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MD TESOL), online.
  • Parker, P. (2021, March). Sociocultural Factors in International Students’ University Experiences. Paper presented at the annual meeting of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), online.
  • Parker, P. (2020, November). Arabic Speakers’ Difficulties with English Suffixes: Implications for ESL Teachers. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Maryland Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MD TESOL), online.

Dr. Olga Pabón

Olga Pabon

Dr. Olga Pabón has been an educator in the Prince George’s County Public Schools, Maryland for the past 24 years.  Starting her career as a 6th grade Reading/Language Arts teacher, she has also served as reading specialist, a literacy coach, and an elementary principal.  She is a proud alumna of Howard University where she earned her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.  Currently, she is the Instructional Supervisor of Reading/English Language Arts in the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.  In this role she is responsible for writing the curriculum and training teachers on the best strategies to meet the needs of secondary students.  She is dedicated to creating a curriculum that is culturally responsive in theory, practices, and pedagogy as well as selecting culturally diverse and inclusive instructional resources centering the many faces and voices of our students.  Dr. Pabón is also a member of Bowie State’s Adjunct Faculty in the Masters of Reading Program.  She currently teaches courses that prepare graduate students to become a Reading Specialist and/or Literacy Coach in our public schools.

Dr. Kristi L. Holden

Kristi Holden

Dr. Kristi L. Holden is the Director of Professional Learning in the Office of Professional Learning and Leadership in Prince George’s County Public Schools. Prior to her appointment in 2020, Dr. Holden served as a Principal Leadership Coach, Leadership Development Coach with the Office of Talent Development, and coordinator of the Resident Principal Program. She has had an opportunity to co present on Principal Pipelines at Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and Professional Learning from Silos to Systems at the Learning Forward Conference. She has also been highlighted in the Arbinger Institute. She serves as an Adjunct Professor at Bowie State University in the Department of Education- Teaching Learning and Professional Development.

Dr. Holden has served as an English Teacher in Miami Dade County, and in Prince George’s County. She was a school administrator and high school Principal for seven years where her team made great gains improving teaching and learning.

Dr. Holden is a graduate of Florida State University, Bowie State University and Howard University where she received a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Policy. She is a certified Gallup strengths coach, Arbinger Trainer, and Nationally Board -Certified Principal Mentor.

 Additional Faculty

  • Dr. Eva Garin (Professor)