Reading Education (M.Ed.)

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Program Description

Degree Awarded: M.Ed. Reading Education

BSU's online graduate program in Reading Education leads to a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree. The program is guided by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the International Literacy Association (ILA), Maryland Cultural Proficiency, and International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards. The program is designed to prepare graduate candidates to focus on all aspects of literacy instruction and to complete leadership experiences that prepare for transitioning into the role of a reading specialist. Classroom teachers who are not interested in a specialist leadership position may also consider the program in order to gain current research-based information to assist with effective literacy instruction with a particular focus on racially, culturally, linguistically and socioeconomically diverse students.

Admission to the Program

Admission to the Graduate School and certification at any level of K-12 education are required for admission to the graduate reading program. Through consultation with an advisor, candidates examine their career experiences and goals for suitability in joining the reading education program. All applicants must submit:

  1. Official Transcripts (undergraduate and graduate)
  2. Copy of a current teaching certificate---must be a standard professional certificate
  3. An online Graduate School application

* GRE scores and recommendation letters are not required for this program

Objectives of the Program

As a result of meeting the requirements of the graduate reading education program, candidates:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of major theories and/or historical knowledge related to literacy development
  • Demonstrate knowledge and use of empirical research design 
  • Develop mindset of "teacher as researcher" 
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and ability to manage literacy instruction and programs 
  • Administer literacy program in schools as part of bring a literacy leader 
  • Demonstrate knowlede, skills, and ability in using multiple formal and informal assessments for evaluation of literacy development
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and ability in designing and developing literacy environments for culturally, linguistically, and socioeconomically diverse student populations 
  • Promote literacy within a technologically-oriented society 
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and ability of the the writing process and varied purposes of writing 
  • Demonstrate the dispositions and clinical knowledge needed to build school, family, and community partnerships 

Reading Specialist Certification Requirements

* The master's degree with a concentration in reading and three years of teaching experience prepares an individual to meet certification requirements as a reading specialist in the state of Maryland.

* A second option does not require teacher certification. The M.Ed. is granted without MSDE conferrment as a reading specialist.

Program Requirements

Completion of the graduate reading education program requires 36 semester hours of credit that can be completed in about two years. Courses include:

RLIT 544 - Principles and Applications of Literacy

RLIT 545 - Disciplinary Literacy II

RLIT 633 - Culturally Sustaining Practices & Children's Literature

RLIT 646 - Literacy Practicum I

RLIT 647 - Literacy Foundations

RLIT 650 - Measurement & Evaluation Procedures in Reading

RLIT 653 - Diversity & Literacy Instruction

RLIT 749 - Literacy Practicum II

Additional Required Courses

RLIT 706 - Research I

RLIT 751 - Research II

RLIT 603 - Mental Hygiene 

RLIT 612 - Educational Psychology 

Licensure Disclosure

Students living outside of Maryland in SARA-approved states wishing to join programs which lead to professional licensure or certification should contact the appropriate admissions office prior to application to determine whether the BSU program of study and required online courses meet the requirements for licensure or certification in that state or if other additional steps are needed by the student while attaining or after attaining the formal degree.

BSU programs delivered at BSU or online which require state licensure/certification body approval may include: 

  • Educational Leadership 
  • Reading Education

Once admitted, students wishing to enroll in online courses/programs or enroll in a degree program which leads to licensure or certification (those listed above) must also contact the university to discuss any change in location prior to relocation. Please be advised that continued enrollment cannot be guaranteed if a student moves to a state in which BSU is not authorized to offer education programs.

Grant Information


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jacquelyn Sweeney
Associate Professor/Graduate Reading Coordinator

14000 Jericho Park Road
James E. Proctor Jr. Building, Room 233H
Bowie, MD 20715