Department of Behavioral Sciences & Human Services



The Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services is committed to the University’s mission statement, goals, and objectives. The Department is dedicated (1) to providing its majors with general competence and skills in the behavioral sciences and human services as well as specific competencies and skills in their chosen areas of concentration and (2) to continuing its strong programs in both behavioral sciences and human services, while aggressively exploring linkages between the two perspectives that will enhance research and service to the metropolitan area, state, and region.


  1. Each of the units has specific goals and objectives. However the general departmental undergraduate goals are the following:
  2. To offer an undergraduate experience in Sociology/Criminal Justice and Child and Adolescent Studies that enables students to acquire skills that enhance their employability in related occupations;
  3. To provide an undergraduate experience that enables students to fully prepare for graduate training; 3. To provide directions, support, and stimulation to majors; and
  4. To provide relevant service courses/programs to the University community.