COVID-19 Updates

BSU is open. An initial plan to return to campus in the fall 2020 semester is now available.

Department of Behavioral Sciences & Services

Faculty & Staff


Charles Adams, Chair - 301-860-3126


Ms. Victoria Kelly - 301-860-3100


Elliott Parris, PhD, Sociology - 301-860-3100


Charles B. Adams, PhD, Criminal Justice - 301-860-3126
Kim Barnett, PhD, Child & Adolescent Studies - 301-860-3116
Charla McKinzie Bishop, PhD, Child & Adolescent Studies - 301-860-3102
Matasha Harris, PhD, Criminal Justice - 301-860-3117
Marsha E. Jackson, EdD, Human Resource Development - 301-860-3108
Annie Ruth Leslie, PhD, Sociology - 301-860-3114


Nicole Branch, PhD, Criminal Justice - 301-860-3175
Dorothy Fardan, PhD, Sociology/Anthropology - 301-860-3105

William Welch Sr., EdD, Human Resource Development - 301-860-3104


Wendy M. Edmonds, PhD, Human Resource Development - 301-860-3156
Sharon Theodore Lewis, JD, Criminal Justice - 301-860-3173


Arnold Adkins, Criminal Justice
Kim Brittingham, Criminal Justice
Joi Brown, Human Resource Development
Vernon Brownlee, Criminal Justice
Christopher Butts, Human Resource Development
Antonnette Chinn, Criminal Justice, Sociology
Stephen Cranney, PhD, Sociology
Linda David, Child & Adolescent Studies
Tony Dorsey, Human Resource Development
Wendell France, Criminal Justice
Kez Gabriel, Sociology
Leslie Gamage, Child & Adolescent Studies
Alita Gaskill, Criminal Justice
Melanie Geter, Criminal Justice
Kenya Goods, Sociology
Anthony Jackson, Sociology
Kameko Johnson-Styles, Child & Adolescent Studies
Alexis Jones, Child & Adolescent Studies
Emerald Jones, Sociology
Serita Kelsey, Sociology
Sharon Lawrence, Sociology
Warren Leggett, Criminal Justice
Patrice Lewis, Criminal Justice
Samuel Ndubuisi, PhD, Sociology
Philip Newsome, Criminal Justice
Stephanie Overton Stanard, PhD, Human Resource Development
Leslie Parker-Blyther, Criminal Justice
Cherie Peay, Criminal Justice
Keadrick Peters, Sociology
Tyrone Powers, PhD, Criminal Justice
Lakeyetta Reed, Child & Adolescent Studies
Erica Reed, Child & Adolescent Studies
Davida Robinson, Sociology
Patricia Seck, Sociology
Monica Simpkins, Human Resource Development
Charmaine Smalley, Human Resource Development
Carolyn Starks-Saxon, Criminal Justice
Delores Stuckey, Human Resource Development
Shannell Thomas, Sociology
Lindsey Vance, Child & Adolescent Studies
Herbert West, PhD, Sociology
Shatoya Williams, Sociology/Anthropology
Grayling Williams, Criminal Justice