Department of Behavioral Sciences & Human Services

Sociology Major

In an increasingly diverse and globalized world, there’s also an increasingly urgent need to understand the science of basic human interaction. What is at the center of our group think and shared belief systems? Why do we behave the way we behave in our communities? How do we fit into the world around us and, just as important, how can we help others fit into it, too? As a student in our sociology program, you’ll ask questions and find answers to explore the complex web of society, from the distribution of wealth and power to the dynamics of social change. Do you want your work to have an expansive impact? Here’s where you start.

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Our unique sociology program is infused with tenets of anthropology and psychology to create a curriculum that compels students to use society as their laboratory and pay closer attention to the world around them. You’ll dig into the “why” of sociological theory and test concepts and ideas against what’s going on in your neighborhood, city and world. You will:

  • Investigate the causes and consequences of social factors, including religion, racial and gender identity, relationships and family background
  • Analyze empirical data to substantiate existing theories and use research to develop your own
  • Learn to identify trends and patterns in social statistics and apply them to critical platforms
  • Study the histories and interactions of multicultural groups around the world
  • Broaden your perspective beyond the classroom to apply what you learn to real-life problem-solving