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Sociology Major

Program Requirements


Students who major in sociology have the option of pursuing the bachelor of science, which has no language requirement, or the bachelor of arts, which requires 12 credit hours of a foreign language. Students earn 18 semester hours of core training in theory and research methodology, including SOCI 203: Deviant Behavior and SOCI 307: Sociological Theory. To earn a BA/BS, the student must successfully complete 120 semester hours and earn at least a C in all of the courses in their major. 

Eight core classes introduce students to the disciplines of anthropology and sociology, sociological theory, deviant and collective behaviors, the methodology courses of statistics, and research methods and data analysis. You will also choose four sociology elective courses in special topics such as rural and urban sociology, race and ethnic relations, sex roles and gender discrimination, marriage and family, juvenile delinquency and criminology.