Department of Psychology

Program Requirements


The Department offers two degree programs in Psychology: a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA). These programs are designed to prepare students for graduate school in major areas of Psychology such as Clinical, Developmental, Experimental, and Social. Also, they meet the academic needs of students who are preparing for careers in health and education. Professionally-oriented courses, research experiences, practica, and close faculty-student mentoring are emphasized as a means of enabling students to reach their academic and professional goals.

Two Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts

The BA degree program consists of 40 semester hours of psychology in combination with the study of a foreign language (12 semester hours). The total number of semester hours required for an undergraduate degree in Psychology is 120.

Psychology, BA Program Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog

Bachelor of Science

To earn a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, students must complete a total of 120 credit hours, including 52 required hours of core psychology courses. Students earn additional credits through elective courses, such as the Practicum in Psychology, which allows for placements in social service agencies, counseling practices, psychiatric hospitals, research institutions, government offices and other professional settings. To accommodate the busy schedules of our students, the department offers daytime, evening and online classes.

Psychology, BS Program Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog