Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements


Notification of Eligibility

Once you've submitted all the documents for your financial aid application, you should expect to be notified of your eligibility to receive aid. At this point, the amount of the award is just an estimate, based on the information you provided to BSU. You'll receive notification that will ask you to go to Bulldog Connection and indicate whether you accept or reject the aid you've been awarded.  At the end of drop/add a financial aid counselor will review your file, make any revisions necessary, and finalize your award. If any revisions have occurred to your original award, you will be notified. You must also notify the financial aid office of any awards or resources not listed on the award letter.  If you completed your application after the deadline, your file will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If you submit your application late, you should be prepared to pay your tuition, as funds may not be available on time to cover bill payment.  


If you are selected for verification, supporting documents should be submitted immediately to avoid delays in processing the awards. If any changes result in a decrease in aid and a refund has already been posted, you will be responsible for any account balance. If the initial information provided on your application differs greatly from the actual information, there may be a significant difference in the final award. 

Missing Information

If additional information is required in order to process your application for financial aid, you will receive a missing information letter. It is recommended that you periodically check the status of your application online at Bulldog Connection. Failure to submit the information requested in a timely manner will delay application processing. 

Disbursement of Funds

The Office of Financial Aid disburses funds after the drop/add period has officially ended and enrollment verification has been completed. If you are borrowing student loan funds, you must be enrolled in at least 6 credits (part-time) before you are eligible for a disbursement. Student who are enrolled in second eight week classes will not be eligible for a disbursement until the session has officially began.