Academic Resources

  • Academic Advising Center
    Understand your academic responsibilities and get guidance from advisors who help to ensure your progression towards graduation.
  • Registration
    Make sure you are able to attend classes by registering within the designated timeframe.
  • Class Schedule
    See your class schedule and find out which classes are available within your academic curriculum.
  • Library
    Find a quiet space to study and access a variety of books, newspapers, periodicals, video tutorials, and a suite of educational tools.
  • Testing Services
    Find out what exams are needed to meet introductory course and graduation requirements as well as those needed for entrance into graduate programs.
  • Student Success Center
    Seek professional support to help your learning process and excel in class.
  • Academic Computing
    Get information about the Blackboard Learn platform, the iCAN/Starfish early alert system, and online offerings at BSU.
  • Blackboard
    Get assignments and other important information about courses.
  • Student Guide to Blackboard
    Learn how to navigate Blackboard and find answers to common questions.
  • iCAN/Starfish
    Schedule appointments with instructors, academic advisors, retention coordinators, Financial Aid and other campus services.
  • Student guide to iCAN/Starfish
    Learn how to navigate iCAN and find answers to common questions.