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It is the goal of the Office of Human Resources to attract, retain, and train highly qualified faculty and staff to uphold the mission of the university. Positions are advertised and filled by competitive candidates through the university’s recruitment process. Once employed, faculty and staff are introduced to technology and training to ensure that they are equipped to function effectively. 

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Types of Employees

USM staff employees may be appointed to a Regular Status or a Contingent Status position.

Regular Staff:  Employees on Regular Status are eligible for all benefits offered by the USM, based on percentage of time worked.

Contingent Status: Any position established through a written agreement between BSU and a person, who shall provide services to the University for pay and for a specific period of time. Employees on Contingent Status shall not be eligible for retirement plans offered through the USM. See USM-BOR VII-1.40-Policy on Contingent Status Employment for further information.

  • Contingent II: Eligible for USM benefits as defined in the USM-BOR VII-Policy on Contingent Employment
  • Contingent I: Not eligible for USM benefits

Regular Faculty: an appointment, with a designated rank, made only with the approval of the CEO of the institution, or designee.

Adjunct Faculty: faculty members of the USM institutions who are employed to provide instructional services; neither tenured nor eligible for tenure; and appointed to teach specific courses and compensated on a course-by-course basis.

Long Term Contractual: full-time, non-tenure track instructional faculty, with contracts that are renewable.

Using PeopleAdmin to Hire

As you are aware from previous communication, the Office of Human Resources implemented PeopleAdmin, a new Online Applicant Tracking System in 2015. The new service streamlines University recruitment and provides new technology to simplify the recruitment process. It has replaced paper applications and makes applying for a job easier for job seekers and faster for hiring managers.

The Office of Human Resources does not accept paper requisition forms for PIN and Contingent II Staff positions. Hiring managers will be, therefore, required to use the PeopleAdmin System.

For questions, contact a member of the Talent Acquisition Team:

Retaining Valued Employees 

The University invests in their employees by offering generous compensation and benefits to attract and retain our talented and innovative faculty and staff members.  In additional to compensation,  which includes a Defined Benefits plan and a Defined Compensation plan, we offer a flexible work schedule depending on the position, tuition remission, employee assistance plan, training and development,  and various other amenities.  It is our hope that the generous benefit and compensation package with attract and retain our talent at the University.

Onboarding New Employees

The Onboarding process will facilitate your integration as a new employee at Bowie State University.  New employees are scheduled for new hire orientation, on their first day of employment, and onboarding documents are emailed directly to new hires by the Manager of Benefits, Anjanette Evans for completion and return. 

For New Employees

View our New Hire resources here.