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VIII - 11.50 - Policies and Procedures for the Use of State Vehicles


A.State (i.e., institution-owned) vehicles may be driven only by authorized University personnel and only when acting within the scope of their public duties. Students are considered authorized personnel when they are employees of the University, and at least 18 years of age, and have valid insurance in their names. A volunteer may be considered authorized personnel only when he/she is engaged in providing a service to the University, is not paid by the University, and is providing the service as part of a formal volunteer program recognized by the University.

B.Any person requesting use of a State-owned vehicle must obtain approval from the supervisor/department head, have a valid driver's license with fewer than 6 points for moving violations and follow the procedures for obtaining vehicles as outlined herein. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure the use of seat belts by all vehicle occupants. All violation fines are the responsibility of the driver involved. All accidents are to be reported within 48 hours even if another vehicle is not involved or there are no apparent injuries or damage.

C.Passengers are limited to those persons who are properly authorized to participate in a University function with an authorized driver. Properly authorized passengers include the employee's spouse, students, or guest of the University whose presence as a passenger is directly related to the employee's official business trip. Under no circumstances shall children of faculty or staff members be permitted to accompany the member in a University vehicle.

D.All grant proposals that require the University to provide drivers and/or vehicles must be coordinated with the Material Management Department before the proposal is submitted. Faculty and staff cannot obligate University vehicles or drivers without obtaining appropriate approval through the Material Management Department.

E. All non-State supported units are required to pay for University transportation services and vehicles. Non-state supported units include:

  • Auxiliary Services
  • Self-Support Units
  • Federal Programs

F.Vehicles cannot be used or rented by non-University organizations.

G.Requests for service, generally, will be honored on a first come, first served basis.

II.Procedures for Requesting Services

A.Transportation/Courier Request Forms (Exhibit) can be purchased from Central Stores. (Only original forms are acceptable).

B.Complete all sections of the form (See Exhibit).

1.Fill in the date the form is completed in the Date Requested field.

2.Fill in the name of the requester's department in the Department field.

3.The individual who will drive the vehicle is to sign in the Requester field.

4.Enter the Campus Telephone Extension of the requester.

5.The next level supervisor of the requester is to sign in this field.

6.The Driver's License Number is the license number of the Requester (As 3, above, indicates, the Requester will be the driver).

7.Enter the name of the state that issued the driver's license of the Requester.

8.Check the Type of Service and Type of Vehicle boxes.

9.Fill in Departure Information and Return Information to include place of departure and destination.

10.If you are requesting courier or chauffeur services, fill in the Special Instruction section. In the case of Courier Service, for example, what is to be picked up/delivered, when, and from whom should be stated on the front of the form under Destination & Special Instructions.

C.If your need for courier or chauffeur services is prior to 8:00 A.M. or after 4:30 P.M., please complete a Budget Transfer Form. The requesting department must pay the overtime. The completed Budget Transfer Form must be approved and given to transportation prior to the date of service.

D.If your transportation request is for travel that is out of state, an approved BSU Request for Travel Form (BF-40) must accompany this form to be considered for scheduling. There may be some restrictions for out of state use of some vehicles. Check with Material Management Department for any current restrictions.

E.All drivers of State vehicles must have a copy of their driving record on file with the University/s Office of Human Resources and Material Management before a vehicle will be issued.

F.Requests must be submitted at least five (5) days prior to the need for transportation.

G.Two days prior, call ext. 7199 or 6631 to CONFIRM OR CANCEL request.

III.Procedures for Requesting Rentals

A.Follow the procedures stated in the previous section.

B.Submit a Budget Transfer form to cover the rental charges and any overtime charges that may be incurred.

C.The current motor transportation rates are on the following page. These rates are subject to change without prior notification.

Effective Date: 10/28/1993