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VIII - 11.60 - Policy on Gasoline Credit Cards Issued to the University


A.Only the Vice President for Business and Finance, or his authorized designee, is authorized to establish credit accounts in the University's name.

B.Gasoline company credit cards issued in the name of the University shall be used only to fill University-owned vehicles.

C.Gasoline company credit cards issued in University's name shall never be used to fill a privately-owned vehicle. An employee using his private vehicle to conduct University business will be reimbursed for the miles traveled at the mileage rate established by the University of Maryland Systems Administration upon completion and approval of a State of Maryland Expense Account form. (See Bowie State University Policy and Procedures Manual, VIII - 11.00 - Travel Policies and Procedures).


A.All gasoline credit cards issued in the University's name will be held by Materials Management and released for use with a University vehicle. Materials Management will maintain a log of when such cards are issued and returned; the person receiving a credit card will sign the log to document receipt of that card.

B.An employee receiving a University credit card is responsible for maintaining control of that card and exercising due care. The employee is responsible for notifying Materials Management immediately if the credit card in his control is lost or stolen.C.Gasoline credit cards issued to a specific department or program of the University will be issued only for the use of that department. Written authorization of the department director is required for issuance of one of these cards by Materials Management.

D.The issued credit card must be returned to Materials Management when the University vehicle is returned.

E.All receipts issued for gasoline purchased with a credit card issued to a specific department must be returned to the director of that department. It is the responsibility of the director to verify the propriety of all charges and to verify and approve for payment the amount invoiced by the company.

Effective Date: 02/14/1994