Historically Black Graduate Institutions (HBGI) Program

Abstracts of Activities

Computer Science Doctoral Program Initiative

Activity Director: Dr. Rosemary Shumba

The Computer Science Doctoral Program Initiative at Bowie State University provides financial assistance, faculty mentoring, enrichment activities, and research experiences for students who meet the requirements of the activity. There is a shortage of African Americans and other minorities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and other STEM fields. The Program seeks to address this deficiency by equipping minority students with the education and training necessary to succeed in critical needs STEM areas. Students participating in the program will have an opportunity to present their research at conferences and participate in professional development/research workshops, engage in collaborative research with other institutions, and will have access to an expanded library and professional memberships.

Graduate Resource Center

Activity Director: Dr. Kesla Holder

THE Graduate Resource Center provides academic support, professional development, and community- building opportunities in a space dedicated to graduate students. We guide students through writing, editing, and formatting the thesis and dissertation and assist in preparing their work for publication; host workshops and presentations to support students’ academic and professional development; and act as a general resource for graduate student needs. We strive to arm graduate students with the tools required in the next steps of their academic and professional journeys. Dedicated to supporting the academic and professional success of all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, the Graduate Resource Center (GRC) will have everything the students need to graduate. The GRC offers workshops and programs designed to support professional development; writing support; communication; preparation of grant and fellowship funding applications; wellness and work-life balance and faculty mentoring

Enhancing Institutional Effectiveness, Academics and Student Success through Data Analytics

Activity Director: Gayle Fink

Enhancing the university’s institutional effectiveness culture by strengthening the Office of Planning, Analysis and Accountability’s data collection, analysis and visualization capacity, planning practices and documenting data quality standards. Enhancing the use of analytics to further engage the faculty, staff and institutional leaders in a culture of evidence through ongoing, integrated and institution-wide information supporting decision-making through planning and evaluation processes and a systematic review of institutional mission and strategic plan goals and objectives. Implement annual planning software and a data warehouse/analytics platform: Implement current planning software and develop and implement a data warehouse and analytics platform to assess institutional effectiveness in the areas responsible for the student life cycle and to enhance the culture of continuous quality improvement through a feedback methodology for planning and evaluation.