Department of Computer Science

Computational Perception and Animation Lab (CPAL)


Dr. Jie Yan
Department of Computer Science

The Computational Perception and Animation Lab (CPAL) is the place where researchers share their ideas, knowledges, and enthusiasm. Its main research agenda is to study the methods for detecting and analyzing facial expressions and affect gestures for system recognition, including the study of realistic emotion and gesture synthesis for an anthropomorphic agent through computer graphics, computer animation and simulation, human-computer interaction, and video image processing. Our research projects explore and expand how people engage with computers, through virtual characters, video games and simulated scenarios. Currently, two research projects are conducting at the lab: 1) American Sign Language recognition and synthesize 2) Multi-view human pose estimation and simulation

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Graduate Students Working in Lab

  • Tunde Akinlaja
  • Mahfoudh Batarfi