Public Health Informatics & Technology

The Bowie State University collaborative program on public health informatics and technology (PHIT) creates a continuous pipeline of highly-trained, diverse and inclusive health information technology workers, responding to calls for a public health workforce to better respond to future public health and biological threats such as COVID-19.

Bowie State University faculty are engaged in teaching and research on PHIT. Students learn:

  • how health information technologies are used in hospitals, clinics, public health settings, government repositories, Internet, and other media
  • how the business of health responds to the latest discoveries through first-hand exposure to current research and industry trends in practice
  • how to apply practical management skills and build innovative business solutions for large health care and public health issues

The PHIT program includes:

  • fundamentals of data science
  • public health analytics based on public health reporting
  • IT concepts of public health emergency preparedness and response
  • principles of healthcare interoperability
  • integration of multiple data streams including non - healthcare sources


BSU works with leading healthcare, public health, and IT institutions as well as numerous stakeholders from other non-health sectors.

  • Crisp
  • Prince George's County Health Department
  • BlueCross/BlueShield
  • The Spring Grove Medical Center
  • Medstar Health
  • Greater Baden Medical Services
  • Stakeholders and other organizations

BSU Faculty

The BSU faculty involved in PHIT are comprised of high-level professionals from health, public health, public health management, public health informatics, and technology experts.

  • Dr. Birthale Archie
  • Dr. Azene Zenebe
  • Dr. Rand Obeidat
  • Dr. Sriram Srinivasan
  • Dr. Grant A. Erhuanga