Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance - Identity and Cyber Protection Services (GGA IDP)


GGA IDP is part of a multinational corporation and specializes in providing B2B identity and cyber protection services for our client’s customers and employees. We partner with large insurance companies, financial institutions, payment processors, and other organizations to help keep their customers’ and employees’ identities safe.


IDP is looking for motivated and talent software developers to join our team as interns for a semester (minimum requirement) or more. In joining our team, you will spend 12-14 weeks rotating through the various teams in software development learning SDLC, QA and operations. We run our systems completely on AWS and our core languages are JAVA & Javascript and employ Spring & Spring Boot, Lambda, React, NodeJS and express. We use Terraform and CloudFormation to implement our infrastructure. We offer a fun, flexible work environment with access to a senior staff with a broad range of industry knowledge. 

We are offering a competitive hourly rate and up to 20 hours per week. 

Mentoring and training are integral to the internship. The intern will be paired with a senior staff member who will mentor them and whom they can go to for any questions. The intern and mentor will meet at least 3 times a week for discussions and progress updates. There will be a 1-week onboarding for the intern in which they will meet with key staff in each area to learn about the area. This will be followed by a rotation through each area to participate and learn.

We would like to start the internship(s) in mid-September so we are looking to receive resumes now.  Resume with an optional cover letter. Resume must include key academic classes and GPA.