IBM Skills Academy

IBM Skills Academy: Earn an IBM Digital Badge  

Starting Fall 2020, students can earn an IBM skills badge by taking electives jointly offered by the Computer Science and Mathematics departments. The IBM Skills Academy is a skills-oriented training program to empower students of various backgrounds with the skills needed to excel in today's high-demand technologies.   The departments will offer the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course fall of 2020, which is open to all majors. The pre-requisite is Maths 141

Upon completion of the elective, students take an exam to earn an industry-recognized digital IBM Badge. Students with the IBM badge will gain access to IBM Talent Match directly connecting IBM customers and Business Partners that are interested in hiring, interns, co-op students, and full-time employees with verified skills.  

Cybersecurity is an in-demand skill.

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We plan to offer include AI for Business, Cybersecurity, Data Science and Cloud Computing in the Winter 2020 session.

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