Enhanced and Existing Safety at Bowie State

The University President has released a message concerning enhanced and existing safety measures on campus.

For Students With 90 or More Credits

Faculty in the College of Business advise students on all aspects of their undergraduate program and serve as a resource for assisting students in meeting career goals. Every student is assigned a Faculty Advisor upon reaching 90 credit hours.

With these students, the focus must be on timely graduation. First, all remaining courses to be taken should be planned semester by semester to ensure the student has met all prerequisites for all courses. This will also help the student when they are graduating so post- college plans can be made accordingly.

The Faculty Advisor should also discuss all courses taken and successfully passed to ensure a comprehensive review, which includes transfer courses. The Faculty Advisor should discuss professional plans with the student and emphasize the importance of internships, for example. The Faculty Advisor should also remind students to apply for graduation, as an important final step of advisement. This also triggers a graduate audit by the Registrar to double-check graduation readiness.

The Faculty Advisor as Mentor, Coach, and Planner

The Faculty Advisor helps students develop a proper mind set and attitude for success in their chosen discipline. This should involve building the students' confidence, providing guidance on how to network, helping students master time and effort management skills to cope with extra academic work, and encouraging students to see them on a regular basis for help and advice.
The Faculty Advisor helps students play the college game to win. Importantly, advisors communicate sources of information like the Academic Advising Report (AAR) and how to use it successfully. The APR contains key details such as (1) total hours at the top of the report indicating courses taken and passed even if they are not counted toward graduation and (2) total course requirements.

Students must understand how their GPA (Grade Point Average) will be impacted by grades earned, especially in the first two years rather than the last two years. The Faculty Advisor should also discuss prerequisites for upper division courses so the student knows the order of courses to take, which ensures there are no prerequisite- based delays in graduation.