Meeting With Advisors

Faculty advisors will inform students of their preferred method of scheduling appointments.

Once a student reaches 90+ credit hours, students need to make an appointment by calling, emailing, or through Starfish. COB majors must meet with their assigned faculty advisers each semester to register for courses.

What Students Should Bring to Advising Appointments

Students attending advisement sessions must complete the Academic Advising Verification Form and bring the form along to each advising session.

Frequency of Advisement 

Students should meet with their advisors every semester well in advance of their assigned date to register for classes. Academic advising holds are applied at specific points throughout the student’s academic career. Students with advising holds will not be allowed to register for classes until they meet with their advisers. No one other than the academic or professional adviser will remove the hold.

 Role of the Department Chairs and Program Coordinators

The Department Chairs and Program Coordinators (PCs) focus on curriculum and timely class offerings. They work together to ensure that all classes are consistently offered on a timely basis and work to ensure students know the schedule of class offerings each semester. The Chairs and PCs are responsible, along with student advisors, for informing the students about changes in curriculums or class offerings. Last, they are also responsible for resolving academic issues students have if possible before they reach the dean’s office.