Enhanced and Existing Safety at Bowie State

The University President has released a message concerning enhanced and existing safety measures on campus.

Frequent Questions

The college academic adviser or faculty adviser is committed to the student achieve academic and professional goals. Students cannot register for classes without first meeting with their advisers. During or immediately after meeting with a student, the adviser will remove the advising hold. The process is best understood by taking a close look at the FAQs and the responses to these questions. 

Who Is My Adviser?

When students declare a major or minor in any department at the COB, they are assigned a faculty adviser from the department if the students has 90+ credits or meet with the college Professional adviser if they have between 30 and 89 credits. Students can see their assigned advisor in PeopleSoft. Students without an assigned advisor should contact their respective departments.

When Should I See My Academic Advisor? 

Students should connect with their advisors each semester before they register and any other time during the school year for questions, concerns or comments related to the college of Business experience.  Students may call, email or schedule a virtual visit with their advisor during office hours. Students are encouraged to be proactive and make the effort to communicate with their advisors on a regular basis. 

How do I prepare for my advising session?

First, check the degree requirements in the undergraduate catalog. Students will receive assistance from the professional academic and faculty advisers, but students must assume responsibility for completing published degree requirements.

Then, to prepare for an advising session:

  • Check Peoplesoft for your assigned registration date and review your advising report / academic requirements.
  • Contact your adviser and schedule an appointment prior to your assigned registration date.
  • Check degree requirements in the catalog.
  • Curriculum checksheet
  • Advisement verification form

What Is a Curriculum Checksheet? 

A curriculum checksheet is a document containing all the courses that are required to complete a degree.  Each year, curriculum checksheets are revised, therefore it is important students follow the checksheet of the year they first began at Bowie State University.  For more information, visit the Curriculum Checksheet page. FYI, make a tab for each department Curriculum Checksheet.

What is an Advisement verification form? 

The verification form is signed by both the student and the adviser indicating the courses selected for the student during an advising session. 

How Do I Change My Major? 

Matriculated (degree seeking) students, changing from one major to another, should fill out a “change of major” form. These forms are available at the Registrar office and the College of Business Academic Advisor.  After you complete the form, return it to Registrar Office. 

How Can I Find Out My Faculty Advisor Office Hours? 

All faculty post their office hours outside their offices. Students can also use the College of Business website faculty directory to view a list of faculty and their office hours. The faculty directory is most accurate during the fall and spring semesters and should not be used during summer and holiday breaks. All faculty are required to place their schedules on their office doors and student can easily find this.

Why Do I have an Advisor hold?

Advisor holds are placed on all student records to ensure that students meet with their faculty advisors or Academic Advisor for course selection.

How do I register?

Make sure the adviser removed the advising hold at the end of the advising meeting. Register for classes by logging into Peoplesoft on the assigned date.