General Business Concentration

If you want to maximize your options and prefer to study wide-ranging components of the field, this program is perfect for you. Personalize your course load with cross-departmental classes in accounting, finance, management, economics and marketing to strengthen your unique expertise.

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Study fundamental principles that will make you a valuable asset to any organization. From marketing to finance, management to entrepreneurship, our general business concentration provides a baseline of knowledge from which opportunities in this field are endless. As a general business student you’ll:

  • Learn the basic function of private and public sector businesses within our economy.
  • Analyze and compare international business models.
  • Master the principles of banking, accounting and finance.
  • Create marketing plans using best practice standards.
  • Discover the latest technical advances that will enhance your business practices.

Leadership, innovation and management are the foundation of our general business concentration. With a mastery of these concepts, you’ll become a highly-recruited generalist with multiple career options to consider.