Marketing Concentration


Every time you watch a commercial, click a pop-up web ad or spot a designer product in a movie, you’re seeing marketing in action. With a concentration in marketing, you’ll study the science behind influencing customer choice and developing products.

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Whether you want to excel at an established company or build your own business, our curriculum will show you how to develop effective marketing strategies that meet individual and organizational goals. Under the instruction of faculty who have years of global experience, you’ll learn how to target an audience, study its needs and create solutions that translate into sales. As a student, you will:

  • Learn how to utilize price, products, promotion, planning and distribution to develop comprehensive marketing plans.
  • Analyze complex business concerns and incorporate ethics into decision-making.
  • Discover how culture, law and other social structures affect consumerism.
  • Develop an appreciation of international marketing and global brand development.
  • Understand the creative and technological aspects of advertising and promotion management.

Using marketing research and other observational tools, you’ll learn how to gather consumer information and understand what guides their choices. Our faculty will equip you with practical skills and knowledge to handle specific marketing needs in advertising, public relations, promotion, management, logistics and distribution.