Academic Advisement

Undergraduate Advising

All College of Education students, please schedule your appointment on iCAN, through Blackboard, or via email to your faculty advisor. 

If you schedule your appointment through iCAN, click on the College of Education; it will take you to “all faculty advisors” and their schedules. If you do not see your faculty advisor on iCAN, please send an email to schedule an appointment.

If you do not know your faculty advisor, please contact your Program Coordinator. Make sure that you have your major ready to share with your advisor and a list of questions you may have to register.

Your advisor is able to remove the advising hold once you have completed your appointment. If you need a permission code for a course in our college, please contact the Administrative Assistant. If you need a permission code to take a course in another area, you must get a code from that department.

Program Coordinators

Elementary Education

Dr. Darilyn Mercadal -

Early Childhood/Special Education

Dr. Leta Hooper -

Secondary Education

Dr. Eva Garin -

Sport Management

Dr. Alex Anderson -

Teaching Learning & Professional Development Faculty

Elementary Education

Prof. Smith -

Early Childhood/ Special Education

Dr. Josephine Wilson -

Dr. William Drakeford -

Dr. Yvonne Crawford -

Dr. Antonia Charles-Strowbridge -

Sport Management

Dr. Emerald Fulmore -

Dr. Adem Kaya -

Dr. Joseph Spears -

Graduate Advising

Graduate students will connect with their advisor via email to receive advisement. All faculty should be able to remove an advisement hold. Any concerns should be addressed with the program coordinator first and then the department chair.

Program Coordinators


Dr. Peter Parker -

Reading & Grow Your Own Cohorts

Dr. Jacqueline Sweeney -

Special Education

Dr. Waseem Mazher -

Cultural Responsive Teacher Leader (CRTL)/Weekend College/Summer Institute

Dr. Akeda Pearson -



School Psychology

Dr. Kimberly Daniel -

School Counseling

Dr. Cynthia Taylor -

Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Janelle Cox -

Counseling Psychology

Dr. Cubie Bragg -

Educational Studies

Dr. Edward Newsome Jr. -

Department Chairs

Department of Counseling

Dr. Otis Williams -

Education Studies & Leadership

Dr. Renee Foose -

Teaching, Learning & Professional Development

Dr. Lynne Long -