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Reading Education (M.Ed.)

Program Description

Degree Awarded: M.Ed. Reading Education

The graduate program in Reading Education leads to a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree. The program is designed toprepare graduate candidates to focus on all aspects of literacy instruction for all learnersand to complete leadership experiences that prepare for transitioning into the role of a reading specialist or a reading coach.Classroom teachers who are not interested in leadership positions as a specialist or coach may also consider the program in order to gain current research-based information to assist witheffective literacy instruction for all students and to include a close focus on racially, culturally, linguistically and socioeconomically diversestudents.

Admission to the Program

Admission to the Graduate School and certification at any level ofK-12 education are required for admission to the graduate reading program. Through consultation with an advisor, candidatesexaminetheir career experiences and goalsfor suitability injoining the graduate program in reading education. All applicants must submit:

  1. Official Transcripts
  2. Copy of a current teaching certificate
  3. An online Graduate School application

* GRE scores are not required for this program

Objectives of the Program

As a result of meeting the requirements of the graduate reading education program, candidates:

  • Develop lifelong reading habits
  • Promote literacy in a technologically-oriented society
  • Develop literacy programs in classrooms and schools
  • Implement various approaches to balanced literacy instruction
  • Use assessments to Individualize instruction
  • Measure and evaluate all aspects of literacy development
  • Involve parents and community in development of literacy
  • Design and implement professional development in school settings
  • Fulfill various roles required of the diagnostic-remedial reading specialist
  • Analyze and integrate published reading research within teaching practice
  • Participate in relevant professional organizations

Reading Specialist Certification Requirements

Completion of the master's degree with concentration in reading, with three years teaching experience, prepares an individual to meet certification requirements as a reading specialist in the state of Maryland.

Program Requirements

Completion of the graduate reading education program requires 36 semester hours of credit. The program includes a minimum of 24 semester hours (8 classes) in the core program of reading education, nine (9) semester hours (3 classes) of coursework in related fields, and three (3) semester hours (1 class) as a recommended elective. Courses include:

EDUC 544 - Principles and Techniques of Reading Instruction

EDUC 545 - Reading in the Content Fields

EDUC 646 - Diagnostic, Corrective and Remedial Reading

EDUC 647 - Current Issues in Reading

EDUC 749 - Laboratory Experiences in Diagnosis, Correction and Remediation of Reading Difficulties: Practicum

EDUC 751 - Seminar in Reading (Seminar Paper Required)

EDUC 653 - Teaching Reading to Multicultural Populations

EDUC 633 - Literature for Children

Electives in Reading and Other Language Arts

One elective should be selected from the following language arts or reading education courses: (Other electives may be acceptable with special permission and some electives are recommended).

EDUC 534 - Advanced Study in Teaching Language Arts

EDUC 648 - Teaching Reading in Secondary Schools

EDUC 501 - Issues in Early Childhood Education

SPED 511 - Special Education Perspectives

SPED 626 - Reading and Language Development

Other Required Courses

EDUC 706 - Introduction to Research

PSYC 603 - Mental Hygiene or PSYC 529 Personality Theory

PSYC 612 - Educational Psychology or EDUC 507 - Human Growth and Development

Grant Information


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jacquelyn Sweeney
Associate Professor/Graduate Reading Coordinator

14000 Jericho Park Road
James E. Proctor Jr. Building, Room 233H
Bowie, MD 20715