Praxis II is the second set of assessments required to obtain a teaching certificate. These assessments are pedagogy specific to teaching concentration. The College of Education at Bowie State University offers three undergraduate programs of study in Early childhood/Special Education, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education. Each program has its own pedagogical concentration required for teaching certification. Students should consult with Praxis Coordinator about specific tests for desired program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Praxis II

  • How many times can I take the Praxis II exam?
    There is no limit on the number of times you may take the exams. However, test can only be taken once every 21 days; excluding the initial test day.
  • What is the Praxis II Exam?
    The Praxis II exam is a collection of standardized tests. Teacher candidates are required to take these exams for teacher certification. Candidates must achieve a passing score to acquire a teaching license in the state of Maryland. More information regarding certification requirements can be found on the Education Testing Service website at
  • What does the Praxis II consist of?
    The Praxis II exam depends on certification concentration in education grades P-12. Three common certification area are as follows. Early Childhood include grades P-3, Elementary Education include grades 1-6, and Secondary Education include grades 7-12. All teaching exams include multiple choice and constructive response questions.
  • How do I register to take the Praxis II?
    Student teacher candidates can register for Praxis II in a similar manner as Praxis Core. Registration is found on the Education Testing Service website. Note: it is important to select the correct test name and code to receive credit for certification.
  • What is the difference between the Praxis I and II?
    The praxis Core exam is a basic skill tests all student educators must take. Whereas Praxis II is a subject specific exam. Praxis II consists of content knowledge pedagogy associated with licensure concentration.