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BSU is open. An initial plan to return to campus in the fall 2020 semester is now available.

Military Resource Center


The Military Resource Center (MRC) serves the military student population attending the university by providing linkages to resources and programs designed to assist in their pursuit of a college degree.  The MRC, located in the Thurgood Marshall Library was partially funded through a grant from the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and generous support from the colleges and schools of the university.  

The MRC is designed to be a Point of Contact for veterans and active duty military personnel and their dependents.  The primary goals are:

  • Assistance and guidance:  The MRC provides support in the resolution of issues and concerns that a student may have in navigating through their academic career.  It assists the student in identifying the appropriate method for resolution and provides assistance and direction in acquiring the solution.  The MRC works closely with the university’s academic and student services offices to assist the student in creating the pathway to a resolution.  The MRC established linkages with all of the various offices to ensure a seamless resolution pathway.
  • Networking: The MRC is designed to be a Point of Contact for students and veterans.  It is a centralized location of information and for the interaction of veterans and the military community. The MRC maintains useful and informative material and resources which are available for assistance as well as an environment which is comfortable for social interaction.
  • Student Organization: The MRC is the home of the Student Veterans Association.  This organization serves as an advocacy and social entity for the veteran students at Bowie State.

The MRC is working to serve as a community hub in the Bowie Maryland region for veterans and their families.  The university understands the importance of being a good community partner on this and many other issues in order to enhance the understanding of and solutions for situations and issues that impact this our student veterans.

External agencies are incorporated into the community and assist in its evolution and contribute into the development of a functional community that serves the needs of the veterans.  The recruitment of external funding sources also allows the MRC to be more flexible in providing services to veterans and their dependents.

Bowie State University is only at the beginning of its program for those who serve or have served in the military and their dependents.  We will continue to work to evolve the MRC and other programs that serve the military population and the greater community.  We have completed the first of many steps in providing our students with the support they need and deserve.

The Military Resource Center is located on the main floor of the Thurgood Marshall Library in Suite 1126.  During the school year it is open and available on Monday to Thursday from 8 am - 6 pm and on Fridays from 8 am - 5 pm.  

Contact us:, 301 860-3997 

Yellow Ribbon School

Bowie State University is a  Yellow Ribbon School.  This designation provides a select number of students who meet the criteria for a Yellow Ribbon School to receive matching financial support.  Please refer to the US Department of Veteran Affairs information on the the Yellow Ribbon program and the information on the BSU Yellow Ribbon program for more information.