Allied Health Professional Liability Insurance

Allied Health Professional Liability insurance refers to the coverage provided for students in allied health fields that are required by a facility to have professional liability coverage while interning or practicing in that facility.  Coverage is intended for student interns having patient/client contact exposure.  It is not General Liability, does not fulfill any requirement for General Liability and therefore requires a higher level of liability insurance. At Bowie Sate, we have five primary departments that require this proof annually:

  • Undergraduate Nursing
  • Graduate Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Behavioral Sciences

Each year, the Maryland State Treasurer’s Office (STO) request institutions to provide their list of providers for insurance coverage renewal. 

General Timeline

Mid-March-Mmid-April-  State Treasurer’s Office sends out cover letter to insurance coordinator with necessary forms (enrollment, supplemental application- Nursing only) to be completed along with request for list of providers .  Within 3 business days, the Insurance Coordinator will forward the cover letter and request a completed list of providers from each department by the deadline given. 

Late April/Early May-  The list of providers along with the Enrollment form should be completed and returned to Insurance Coordinator. The deadline date will be given via email.  The list should be in Excel format and include:

  • Provider name
  • Full address of facility
  • Contact Person

The STO will then generate a list using the previous year’s providers and each department must edit the list to take out providers, add new providers and update contact and address information as necessary.  Return your updated form to the Insurance Coordinator, promptly.

Late August- Mid-September-  Insurance certificates will be sent to University Insurance Coordinator.  Within 3 business days, the certificates will be forwarded to the appropriate department.  The certificates typically come as zip files.

*Note-- To request insurance certificates to providers that were not included on the original provider list, please contact Insurance Coordinator directly providing the provider name, full address of facility and contact person.