Athletic Accident Insurance

As a public institution, Bowie State provides separate medical coverage for student athletes related to injuries while participating in BSU sporting events or practice.  Insurance coverage is provided through the AG Administrators office as a supplement to the student’s primary insurance.

Prospective student athletes must fill out a form provided by the Athletics Office prior to the start of the athlete’s year.

The form informs what the athlete needs to understand about how the insurance coverage process works and if they fail to follow directions, the AG Administrators reserves the right to deny any claim causing the athlete to be responsible for any outstanding bills. 

When an injury occurs that requires a referral to an outside facility (Physician, MRI, etc.),  the athlete should fill out the AG Administrator claim form which is submitted to the State’s insurance company.

For all athletic injury forms, you should contact the Associate Athletic trainer.

Criteria For Injury Management

  • The injury must have occurred while participating in BSU athletics
  • The injury must have been reported to an athletic trainer.
  • The athletic trainer will determine if there is any need to refer the athlete to an outside company.
  • If the athlete does not report the injury or goes to an outside facility before reporting the injury to an athletic trainer or getting a referral from an athletic trainer, it is at the discretion of the athletic trainer to decide an injury claim is to be filled with the insurance company for coverage

Payment Process

When an athlete is sent to an outside facility, s/he should have possession of a copy of their medical insurance card and a copy of the AG Administrators referral form so that the company is aware to bill AG Administrator for the remaining balance that the athlete's primary insurance does not cover.

However, if the athlete receives a bill, bring the bill to the Athletic Department office where the office will send the bill directly to our insurance company.