Enhanced and Existing Safety at Bowie State

The University President has released a message concerning enhanced and existing safety measures on campus.


This section applies to students or campus visitors only who are injured while on campus. 

  1. File an incident report with Campus Safety (even if several days following the injury)
  2. Inform the Insurance office so that we can set up a proper claim with the State Treasurer’s Office
  3. Maintain proper documentation of your injury (pictures or medical records, if needed)
  4. You will need to fill out the Notice of claim form. Follow the directions and send directly to the Maryland State Treasurer’s Office.  Please forward a copy to the BSU Insurance office.

Employee injuries incurred while on the job or during the scope of employment duties should be reported to Human Resources under Workman’s Compensation:  Download the Report of Injury form (pdf)

For Athletic injuries by student-athletes, see this link:  https://bowiestate.edu/about/administration-and-governance/division-of-administration-and-finance/insurance/athletic-accident-insurance.php