Enhanced and Existing Safety at Bowie State

The University President has released a message concerning enhanced and existing safety measures on campus.

Art Reflects Nature

colored patterns identifying nursing, mathematics, and natural sciences

The colorful patterns throughout the building represent the mosaic-like shapes found in nature, paying homage to the study of science, mathematics and the human body.

Tiled abstractions, artistically depicting images from each discipline, reflect fractal geometry or the study of complex shapes where an object shares the shape of its parts. Each unique design, inspired by traditional African patterns, form bold tapestries symbolizing unity and collaboration between the disciplines and synergy with institutional branding.

To integrate these visual elements throughout the building’s interior, color-coded wayfinding details identify the location of each department. Green patterns represent the natural sciences and draw from the beauty of the natural world. Vivid orange shapes illustrate a dynamic display of mathematical concepts. The nursing department’s blue designs find influence in the elaborate systems of the human body.