Sustainable Design

dynamic glass in a classroom

Our steadfast commitment to maintaining an environment-friendly campus is evident in every aspect of the building’s construction. The building is certified LEED Platinum including several features to reduce its carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

  • Dynamic glass used throughout the Beacon and on the east and west curtain walls tints on demand to provide long-term cost savings, reducing overall energy loads by up to 20 percent and peak energy demand by up to 26 percent.
  • The heating and cooling system includes chilled beam technology with chilled water heat exchanger used as a convection to cut energy costs.
  • Computerized ventilation system that continuously samples air quality in laboratories and automatically adjust the rate of airflow as needed.
  • Sloped landscaping throughout the plaza prevents rainwater from running off onto paved surfaces.
  • A vibrant array of native deciduous shade trees in the building’s plaza serves as a natural buffer from the sun’s rays, providing another means to save energy.